10 Things About Keaton

1.   I was born & raised in California. I love this state. I love avocados.

2.   Buster Keaton & Natalie Talmadge are my Great-Grandparents. Norma & Constance Talmadge are my Great Aunts. I feel honored to have their names.

3.   I have written, produced & starred in 2 one-woman shows – Define: different & Define: unconditional. They are the most challenging & rewarding shows that I’ve ever done.

4.   I used to think the moon followed me when I was little. So I got it tattooed to the back of my neck and now it always does.

5.   My first acting gig was as a stone pillar in the 2nd grade. I was the only stone pillar who didn’t break face when Cinderella tripped over her skirt and fell ass over teakettle (see #2).

6.   I love cats, apple fritters and singing the National Anthem SUPER loud at sporting events. 

7.   I have 7 lives left. One of them was taken when I flipped my car into a ditch when I was 18- the other was taken by art school.

8.   My love for Musical Theatre comes from my 6’4” 210lb father, who would sing Bali Hai with all the windows down on road trips (much to the dismay of my older brother).

9.   I know how to gut a fish.

10. I am secretly waiting for the day I get to enter a hula hoop contest where they are giving away $10 million.

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