Define: Dif-fer-ent

Talmadge has written a poignant piece on the inexplicable impossibilities of love… As a performer Talmadge is stellar. She excels as a writer, but her performance rises above even the great material, and finds a sincerity that provokes the audience to laugh, cry, and ponder. The play rises above a mere story about sexual experimentation, and becomes an ode to self discovery. The chances that people do not take, because of self-labels, is put into question; and, the result is an incredibly honest, raw examination of the human heart.”

Patrick Hurley, Life in LA


Define: Dif-fer-ent,” written and performed by Keaton Talmadge, is a roller-coaster exploration of sexuality. She resembles her great grandfather (Buster Keaton) a bit in her offbeat sense of humor; her festival debut drew a standing ovation opening night…”

Jordan Young, LA/OC Examiner


Keaton Talmadge’s solo show is a delightful, spot-on skewering of snap judgments and society’s expectations. Oh, and it’s also way sexy. Ms. Talmadge is a dynamic, physical performer and this engaging romp in and out of an unexpected bed is also smart and very funny. Built around a framing device of dictionary definitions, the show moves beautifully under Kelleia Sheerin’s smooth direction… “Define: Dif-fer-ent” is an appealing look at what it’s like to expand our horizons after our closed minds are blown open.”

Jennie Webb – Bitter Lemons


Keaton Talmadge is divine. The journey she leads us on is full of twists and turns, but in the end, it leads to a destination we desire – the definition of true love. This show should be the poster child for the Marriage Equality campaign, as it reveals this truth in a truly non-threatening and understandable way. Well done! Don’t miss this incredible show.”

Bob Leggett – The Examiner



Keaton Talmadge (Rizzo) alone is worth the price of admission. She conveyed the catty humor of Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee with the appropriate lightness and jealousy. And her rendition of There Are Worse Things I Could Do was the highlight of the show.”

Grease – 2013 – Goldstar Review by Uncle King



Keaton Talmadge brings just the right quirky touch to rich-girl-turned-revolutionary Hope Cladwell, both comedically and vocally.”

Urinetown – 2010 – Stage Scene LA by Steven Stanley


…Hope, played perfectly by Keaton Talmadge.  Talmadge excel(s) vocally with stunning solos that add to the already powerful ensemble numbers.”

Urinetown – 2010 – The Corsair by Tieg Slattery



…and Maggie (Keaton Talmadge)… a top-notch cast that combines sensitivity with panache.”

Asymmetry- 2005- LAWeekly by Neal Weaver (LA Weekly “Recommended – GO” Pick)


School of Jesus Fish

…Keaton Talmadge’s fabulously cynical Fish. This outing is made thoroughly involving by a company of extremely talented actors who… give knockout performances: particularly Talmadge, whose confrontation with her Country & Western star sister… is a showstopper.”

School of Jesus Fish – 2003- Backstage West by Jennie Webb

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